Simple Solutions for Enjoying Better Video Game Play

There are many reasons people play video games. Some people play video games to spend more time with family and friends or their children. It does not matter what the reason is, video games are a favorite pastime for a number of individuals. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your video games.

Wireless controllers are essential for any gaming. Most games get to various levels of excitement making people jerk their controllers to and fro. Some people get so intense about playing they end up tossing a controller across the room. That is a big problem for a tethered game system. Avoid this by using wireless controllers.

Try before you buy any game by renting them first. You may not always be able to judge a game by its cover. Rent games by visiting a movie rental store or by signing up for a rental service online. If you like it, you will know it is worth it to purchase it.

Are you concerned about game ratings? If you are concerned about a game rating, turn to the Internet. Read as many user reviews as you can. These will let you know why a game was given a particular rating. User reviews can also tell you things about the game you did not know. This information can help you determine if the game is worth bringing home to your children.

It is possible to master a video game. You just need to practice a lot. Once you feel as if you have practiced enough stop for a rest. Then, continue on and practice some more. Video games are a passion for many people.  Find emoji answers online to pass the levels more quickly. You will do well if you practice a lot before competing with online players.

Before you let your child play a video game, be sure and try it out for yourself. ESRB ratings are helpful, but you need to test the game for yourself and judge if it is all right for your child. You might find that there is content in the game that you do not want to expose your child to. The only way to figure this out is by playing it yourself first.

People enjoy playing video games for a lot of reasons. You might want to spend more time with your kids or your family. It does not really matter why but if you follow these tips you will get more out of your game play.

10 Addictive Phone Games For Passing Time.

There are millions of pocket computer games that you can play to pass the time. However, not all of them are exciting or worth your time. That is why last week, we ask gamers to point out some of the best games that are there in the play store. These are some of the games that were acknowledged to everyone’s favorite.

The list will guide you on which games to be on the lookout for or which games to get if you do not have them yet on your smartphone. Furthermore, please do realize that your comments are highly appreciated, and you are free to leave your comment regards to any our subjects.



This particular game is excellent for those who love adventure games. The game features lush forest scenes where things are not okay.

Personally I love this games because the levels are not long as other games, and you can be able to complete many levels within a short period. However, for you to continue with the game from the last scene, you are required to save the progress of the game at checkpoints after completing every mission. The graphics of the game are great, but you also need to be aware that the game is addictive and clever as well.



The Drop7 is a simple game, but very entertaining for short distance subway commuters. The puzzle game is easy to play, and all you are required to do is drop the numbers to the matching numbers drafted on the discs in a row or column.

Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons

This game is considered to be a two in one because the game has something interesting for everyone.

Let me try to make you understand how enjoyable this game is. Despite the fact that the game might seem to be simple for anyone to play, this is the most challenging game that you can have on your pocket computer. Even the most experienced players will have a hard time overcoming a single challenge in this game. That is because the game becomes challenging as you pass each level, and you must upgrade your skills since the game keeps on evolving.

Dope Wars

Dope Wars

Ten most addictive games that you can have on your phone for killing time

Drop wars have been around for years, and the renewed version for mobile age is here.

I run back to this particular game even after playing new ones. What I love about this games is that you do not need to be connected to the internet so that you can play. Furthermore, the game loads quickly and offers you the same lopsided payout to keep you glued to your phone.



Osmos is a physic based game that is gorgeous. The game has a platform where the player is supposed to survive as a galactic mote, by absorbing similar beings.

Play this game when you want to settle down and calm your mind. The game offers different playing modes to players, and my favorite is the impasse mode.

Moreover, the soundtrack of the game is just amazing.


For those who love marble shooting game, this game is meant for you. Another game similar to this is the famous Zuma. This game is recommended for most players, which is why it is part of this list.

The train is my transportation and every day I ride it for 3 hours. To kill time I Normally chose to play Sparkle out of 150 games that I have on my iPhone6+. This is my favorite game, and I am always playing it during this period.



Despite the fact that this game is a simple and small in terms of size, it causes your smartphone to vibrate every time you make a square. What makes the game more interesting is that it is a puzzle that contains various levels and adventure.



It is not a must for a game to have pictures, vibrations, and music so that it can be entertaining. The Godville is an example of such a game. The game is fun, and you can play it more than once and still enjoy.

I have been playing this game for as long as I can remember.



A time filler that is awesome. The game requires you to dig, explore the creepy cavern, jump around, build a house when necessary and even defend yourself.



This is the new word puzzle that is interesting to play and very challenging.

The puzzle gives you the opportunity to play the game in 22 languages.

You are required to solve the crossword puzzle by identifying the words hidden in a photo or picture.

Solve one word and open a new letter that will help you reveal the next word in the puzzle.
You can also find hints for this puzzle in different languages like this one

The Top 5 Greatest Free Android Puzzle Games For 2015

The Top 5 Greatest Free Puzzle Games For Android In 2015: If you’re looking for the absolute greatest puzzle games for your Android device, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got the 5 greatest games for your android device in 2015, and the best part is that they’re all absolutely free. These puzzle games are specifically made for those people who want to increase their knowledge during their free time. And remember, each one of the below android puzzle games are absolutely free, so there’s no harm in giving them a try if they look interesting. And they will look interesting, because they’re the best out there this year.

#1: Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

The first free android puzzle game on the list is Jigsaw Puzzles Epic. This is a game with a huge number of gorgeous pictures in a huge variety of different categories. There are currently over 2000, and there could be more in a coming update! The best part of this game is that you don’t have to rely on stock photos. Instead, you can create puzzles out of pictures you take and have on your android device. This is a laid back, relaxing game, not designed to stress you out with things like time limits or special power ups. Just you, your android device, and a puzzle made out of gorgeous HD photographs. They also offer a new free puzzle every day.

#2: Unblock Me


If you’re not familiar with Unblock Me, you’ve been missing out on one of the greatest games out there. It’s a highly addictive game that’s great as a time waster. Since it’s free, there’s no harm in trying it. The best part about Unblock Me is that it will force you to use your mind in ways that many other puzzle games do not. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys mental challenges, then this is definitely a game that you should look at.

#3: Matches Puzzle Game

Matches Puzzle Game

The next game on our list of free android puzzle games is Matches Puzzle Game. You’re no doubt familiar with the basic concept of a match game. You have a picture, you’re trying to match up another picture. In this case, however, it’s much more in depth and complex. You’ll have to add, remove, and shift around different matches until you finally find the correct solution. They don’t skimp on the puzzles, either. Matches Puzzle Game offers 1000 different matches in 10 different episodes, each boasting different shapes, designs, sizes, and equations. It’s a great game for forcing you to think quickly and work towards a solution.

#4: Flow Free

Flow Free

The next android puzzle game may be one of the most famous on the list. Flow Free is an addictive game that everyone will love. It’s well designed, sleek and sexy, with concepts that are simple to get but difficult to master. The goal is to join same color dots and then cover the entire board in order to solve each puzzle. Everyone loves this game, because it makes you think in ways you might not normally think. It’s not there to hold your hand and coddle you. It’s there to stretch your mind and make you work for a solution. If you’re looking for an addictive game that’s easy to pick up, then Flow Free is the game for you.

#5: PixWords


This free android puzzle game has an incredibly interesting concept. Each word is a crossword puzzle hidden inside a picture. Each word you solve opens up a different letter, until eventually you can manage to unravel the entire puzzle. It also comes in multiple languages, such as Spanish, German, Turkish, Polish, and even Eastern European languages such as Latvian, Hungarian, and Estonian. It’s a great game for anyone who’s wanting to try to expand their vocabulary. And, like all the other games on the list, it’s absolutely free. You can find Pixwords solution in greek here

The 2015 Report On Free Android Games

The Play Store has gotten so stuffed with games that it can be really tough to sort the gems out of the dross. The new ability to sort apps and separate free games from games that rely on in-app purchases is very welcome! One thing you’ll discover when you look at the Store this way, though, is that the list of truly free games out there is surprisingly short. We’ve taken a long look at the offerings available so far in 2015 and picked our favorite games. Some of these games are 100 percent honest-to-goodness free and some of them have in-app purchases, but in our opinion you don’t need to spend a dime to have a blast with these apps.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds was popular enough to spawn a virtually endless legion of imitators. Roxio has finally stepped forward with their own update to the classic game, and the sequel does not disappoint. However, the developers have also landed themselves in the middle of the controversy over in-app purchases. Many players contend that Angry Birds 2 is perfectly enjoyable even if you don’t make a single process, while others say that Roxio is clearly more interested in racking up profits than delivering a fun gaming experience. Give the game a try and see where you stand!



There are a few truly great Android games out there that owe their existence to the minds behind Noodlecake Studios. (Examples include Zombie Road Trip Trials and Devious Dungeon.) The team’s latest brainstorm is Brickies, and it has definite hit potential too.

As you can probably guess from the name, Brickies is an Arkanoid-style brick breaking game. You control paddles at both the top and bottom of the screen. Between them are a variety of objects that you need to destroy. Brickies offers you a huge number of levels, a variety of entertaining power-ups, and a performance rating system that scores your skills on a three-star scale that will be familiar to players of Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Like any good free game, Brickies certainly has plenty of addictive potential.

Where this game really shines is in its aesthetics. All of the graphics have a cell-shaded appearance, and careful thought has gone into the selection of color palettes, effects, and shapes. The end result is a highly polished presentation that really makes the game a joy to play.

Skiing Yeti Mountain

Skiing Yeti Mountain

What are the common features that crop up again and again in classic free Android games? Simplistic graphics? Flawless controls? Addictive gameplay? Are you ready for a new game that combines all three? Get ready for Skiing Yeti Mountain!

This game puts you in control of a skiier headed downhill at a breakneck pace. The control scheme is beautifully intuitive; leaning your finger left or right at the base of the screen pushes your character in the direction you point. You have to dodge obstacles, stay within the boundary posts, and keep your speed as high as possible. Like a lot of great casual games, there’s a deceptive depth behind the simplicity here that ensures it will take you plenty of tries to really master the process. Individual courses are quick to play through, making it terribly tempting to try your luck at one more quick downhill round again and again.



Vainglory is a beautfiul MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that starts out absolutely free. Like a lot of deeper strategy titles, in-app purchases are unavoidable at higher levels of play, but you can enjoy the basic game without investing any money in it. Coded by the geniuses at Super Evil Megacorp (that’s a developer, not a comic book nemesis), Vainglory enjoyed a very popular introduction on iOS before making the jump to Android this year.

Hardest Game Ever 2


Truth in advertising is definitely not in effect here. This isn’t actually the hardest game ever — or its sequel. What HGE 2 is is a delightful collection of fast-paced minigames in the mold of Mario Party. Hardest Game Ever 2 makes an excellent bit of stress relief in small doses. It’s not without its flaws, though. The crass humor might rub some players the wrong way, and low resolution of the graphics isn’t particularly tablet-friendly.

Wire Defuser

Wire Defuser

You might enjoy Android puzzle games for their capacity to let you relax and carefully explore your options. Wire Defuser is not the puzzle game for you. Fast action and snap decisions are the order of the day in the game that revolves around defusing bombs before their timers hit zero. With more than 80 bombs needing your attention and a bonus “Hardcore mode” waiting after you finish, Wire Defuser will hold your attention for quite some time. The refined presentation and detailed graphics are sure to delight fans of 80s action movies.

Looking For The Best Android Games? Try One Of These Exciting Gems!

Everyone loves the idea of free to play games, they do not like the idea of having the in-app payments. With that being said, there are still some very exciting mobile games to play.

There are mobile games available to suit every need and taste. Check out games that will make the long commute less draining or exciting games like GTA to enhance your lunch hour. That is if you don’t mind mowing down innocent pedestrians while eating your turkey sandwich!

We are always updating this list to include the best free and paid games that are available. Some of these might even include in-app payments, but they are worth it for these games! If by some chance a favorite game of yours did not make the list, let us know so we can check it out and add it next time.

Lara Croft: Relic Run (Free)


You might be thinking you simply do not have the time to play a long and drawn out “Tomb Raider” game. Trust us when we tell you this isn’t your old PC games. This is an exciting game similar in the fashion to Temple Run, where Lara Croft is running through a constantly changing world.

While this is similar to many of the other running games on the market, there are a few golden nuggets you are going to enjoy. For all the guys out there, this is one of the hottest looking running characters available right now! In addition to that, she can shoot, run on the sides of walls, and even down the back of a T-Rex! Tell me that doesn’t sound like an exciting afternoon on the smartphone?

Two Dots (Free)


If you ever played the original Dot, you know it was a good game. However, Two Dots is so much better! It includes better graphics, enhanced gameplay, and new modes and bonuses.

This is a simple game where you try to connect the colored dots into squares. While it sounds easy it is rather challenging and addicting it, making it a must for any gamer.

Framed (£1.79, $2.99, AU$3.23)


One of the biggest benefits to come along with smartphones and tablets was the ability to use touchscreen technology. However, many game developers simply do not take full advantage and rely on traditional controls instead. Let us introduce you to Framed, a game that is going to toss you directly into the action of the game in a comic book sort of way. Your objective is simple – stay away from the police and build your fortune. In this addicting game, you drag the panels around as new ideas appear. You have to be certain to shift the scenes onto the page at the exact moment Unlike some games that tend to go on far too long, this one ends with you still wanting more.

Angry Birds Space (Free)

Angry Birds Space

At this point in time, you may be so sick of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise you would pass this one by. However, it is a fun spaced themed version of the original worth your time. This is not a simple rehash of the original it features new levels and tactics as well as some rather difficult puzzles. You may need to put just a little more thought into this one before tossing and seeing what falls.

Badland (free)


This is definitely one of the odder games on the list, it is certainly darker than the rest. In this one you get to travel about in some type of a blob. What makes it so much fun is your blob likes to get larger, smaller, and even splits. You never can be quite sure what is coming next. If you enjoy surprises in your games, this one holds many!

Crazy Taxi City Rush (free)


Crazy Taxi City Rush is generally a free game, although it does feature many in-app purchases to make your gameplay more exciting and enjoyable. These include the ability to further customize your cab and buy more gas to keep the game running after failed attempts. Regardless of that it is a fun game that takes full use of the touchscreen capabilities